The whole world is two drinks behind me

Subway City

Subway City. The underground hidden gem, which probably isn’t that hidden in Birmingham. When first looking at the nightlife that Birmingham has to offer many find they are limited to the likes of Broad Street and the generic chain bars, but Birmingham has many hidden, dingy clubs which tend to hide under the viaducts around the city. One of these clubs is Subway City. Subway City literally is in a viaduct. It doesn’t look pretty, and it’s definitely a club to wear already ruined shoes. The music however is what you expect from an underground club, good dance music, remixes and hard house. Once upon a time Tuesday used to host 90’s night, listening to the likes of Hathaway, Brandy and even Spice Girls (remixed of course) an upstairs room even consisted of Sega Megadrives and Ninendo 64s. If you’re going to do 90’s you might as well do it right. Now Tuesdays do host a similar event called ‘Fat Tuesdays’, expect old school tunes but all focused around the dance arena. 

One of the key attractions to Subway City is the prices. A Tuesday before midnight is £7 which gets you 10 free drinks. And it doesn’t trick you. One drink is a vodka and mixer for example, which some clubs would class as two drinks. Other deals and big nights include Thursdays (11pm-6am) and Fridays (10pm-4am), and mainly Saturday nights which are insane. Don’t expect a classy crowd, posh clothes of somewhere to sit. Expect queueing in a subway, sticky floors and hard house to match.

Offers - Tuesday nights - £7 before midnight for 10 drinks and entry
Music - dance
Best night - Tuesday (especially students) and Saturday

Walkabout Birmingham

Walkabout is well known as the chain Aussie bar throughout the country. Can be found in most cities in the UK with the odd town also in sight. Walkabout Birmingham is no different to the other Walkabouts I have ventured to. The vibe is still an Aussie feel with the most recent music and expected drink prices as to what you would expect from a bar in the city. Walkabout Birmingham hosts a I Love Tom’s Mum night on the Wednesday which is present in most Walkabouts but with a different name other than Tom. The Wednesday event means cheap drinks and an array of students in fancy dress or some kind of foam. Walkabout is easily a student place mid week, with more of an older clientele at the weekend. £4 to get in seems steep as it really is just an overrated bar, but the music is good to dance to and there are two floors to dance on. Don’t expect anywhere near a classy night, or too reasonable priced drinks. On a Saturday the crowd will be local, will be a mix of underage and cougars but it will also be a good laugh.

Go to Walkabout not expecting much and you will have a good night if the pitchers are flowing and the ability to do the macarena is there.

Offers - cheap drinks if you own a Walkabout ‘Boomerang’ card which I think is £3
Music - general chart and dance music with the odd bit of cheese at the weekend
Best night - Wednesday for students, Saturdays if older 

Actress and Bishop Birmingham

Situated on the corner of St Pauls Square, Actress and Bishop is a rough in the diamond if that makes sense. A pub in a bar arena, where the dreadlocks meet and the beer is cheap. The bar/more of a pub hosts a tavern like feel with the exterior of a great bar. You can expect to find your typical pub highlights in this little beauty, such as your Monday pub quiz, your cheap drink deals and what I can assume a big TV made for the football. But don’t expect a football scene in here. More of a rock feel but not the music to match. A low key, popular music venue tending to play 80’s rock classics and your local up and coming bands rather than the latest GaGa. Orgninal nights also don the pub such as Silent Disco’s on bank holidays and retro nights every Wednesday, included with retro video games. Overall quite a different bar compared to it’s neighbours in St Pauls Square but a friendly crowd and a cool but grungy hit atmosphere.

Offers - £1 drink offers on Monday and Tuesday
Music - classic rock, silent discos and live local bands
Best night - can vary, the events page shows a variety of different nights, but can guarantee a good crowd for Friday and Saturday, with a pub quiz on Mondays and a retro night on Wednesdays


Jamhouse Birmingham

Jamhouse is one of my favourite bars in Birmingham. An original place with the only locations being Birmingham and Edinborough. There is a restaurant part but I have never been, but I must note the restaurant is used as a starter for the rest of the evening where I would say it is expected to then dance and enjoy the bar of Jamhouse. Live jazz/swing band hosts every night, and every first Thursday of the month is Salsa night where I believe there are salsa lessons before the night fully begins. In the centre of Birmingham in St Pauls Square then gives you the ability to bar crawl, howver Jamhouse is defiently a place to spend all of your night.

Student night dons Thursday nights, where £4 entry and 2-4-1 on certain cocktails proves popular among students but also young professionals. Friday night is over 21’s and more of your ‘older’ clientele but also young professionals as well, which shows by the cheapest drink being £4 (yes I asked). Dress code is smart/casual. Beer jacket can be worn everynight as don’t expect because its a place of live msuic and rich bankers that you can’t get wasted. Many of my hangovers have taken place due to Jamhouse, whether this be from the 2-4-1 cocktails on student night, or the excessive swing dancing on a Friday. A must visit bar and night out for Birmingham.

Offers - Thursday 2-4-1 cocktails
Music - live swing/jazz band, Salsa on the odd occation, DJ later on the night
Best night - Thursday or Friday, Friday more of an older audience so more restrained to get completely wasted and request GaGa like I did 

Jamhouse Birmingham

Brown’s Birmingham

A chain restaurant, but with the individual bistro feel. More of a restaurant than a bar, but if you have the cash to burn in this place then use it as a bar to your advantage. An extensive drinks menu, however ranging your ‘typical’ cocktails, with the odd Brown’s special. Ranging from £5-£8 per cocktail, and the average glass of wine £4, not too badly priced for the range of place it is. What I like about this kinda place is that it details what the cocktails are and what kind of glass e.g. tumbler, flute, long or slow drink. Not a place you could stay in all night, but enough for a few drinks or after your dinner drinks. Piano donned the space, but yet to see it be played.

Special offers? Thursday 2-4-1 cocktails.
Music? not really
Best day to go? Any weekday, after work for example. 

Brown's Birmingham